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Monday, June 21, 2021

Rain, rain go away...or not?

Muddy uniforms can add additional interest to sports images.

As a sports photographer I have been cold, baked, drenched, and even cold and drenched while on assignment at an event.  Yet, while being wet on a late fall, or winter, evening is no ones opinion of fun, I have captured some rather unique moments in--to quote a former high school assistant marching band director of mine--passing moisture moments.

Army West Point, soccer, header, rain
Army West Point men's soccer plays a
game against American in the rain in 2018.
Beyond just adding an extra environmental element to an image, rain provides opportunities to capture athletes creating splashes of water while either running or being tackled on soaked turf and spray coming off of balls as they're being caught, kicked, or headed.  Additionally, as illustrated in the above image, muddy jerseys add an additional eye catching element to photos.

When you're ready to brave the elements and photograph in the rain remember to be prepared.  As for yourself, beyond having a proper rain coat, or poncho, I'd also recommend either boots, or a change of socks.  There's not much worse than standing around in wet shoes and socks for two to four hours.  As for your camera, many professional photographers have dedicated rain covers for their equipment, but I've found that a just as good option for a photographer in a pinch, or on a budget, is a plastic bag and a rubber band.

So, while, the standing out in the rain for a few hours is no ones idea of a good time, if you're prepared, opportunities abound when it comes to sports photography in wet weather conditions.  

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